Monday, February 27, 2012


Salah satu perkara yg paling "sweet" ialah ketika dua orang saling merindui,, namun mereka tidak mampu berkomunikasi utk lepaskan rindu tetapi kedua-duanya saling mendoakan di dalam sujud            masing-masing :)
 di hati ini..  hanya Tuhan yang tahu......  ^__________^
only God knows.. im holding that words


demam =(
kifarah dosa..insyaAllah~

Sunday, February 26, 2012

B.S.B --> be strong bestie

I may not know what it is.. but if you want to share something.. i am willingly lend my ears to you..
mistakes that u said u always did.. hopefully u can overcome it.. goodluck bestie!

"dear Allah, please make DIA strong"

Friday, February 24, 2012

semoga berbahagia bestie..

i wonder whether DIA still buka blog ni or tak? huhu
if only DIA does... =) *jangan beranganlah!*
this post.. is for you~ semoga berbahagia!

baru terbuka fb tadi..n ternampak post someone~

" S**** and her gf Ct Liyana is showing now..haha..good luck couples..haha~"

i was like .....................................................

oh? emmmm. okay. mungkin ada hikmahnya bila tiba tiba ternampak something macam tu kan..
mungkin Allah nak suruh start to prepare any possibilities yang mungkin akan terjadi later..
but i wonder.. why on earth on the same day on the same date DIA telling me something that really really really..i can say sweet enough to race my heart....

em. the post.. maybe it was too soon.. but anyway perlu lebih preparation for something 'bigger' than this~

Jia you latifah!

expectation level:  95%  80%

indeed. maybe because it too sweet so it hurts a lot to forget all those flashback.

this post is for you~ 
semoga berbahagia bestie..
semoga happy selalu..
semoga .................... *tak terungkap* =')
take care always~

grow older

i dont want to only grow older together. i wanna be with u in jannah later, insyaAllah~ so lets endure for now and stay strong! take care mr.whoeveryouare~