Wednesday, October 3, 2012


asal nampak aku on9, mesti dia off9. takpun, biarlah aku stay 10 jam di fb, he wont even say 'salam or hi'...
tapi kalau dengan so-called FRIENDSS especially the GIRLS (and the one that seems so special), baru je button hijau tu 'menyala', meaning baru je on9, laju je dia tegur~ pastu melalut sampai berjam-jam. huhu. n yess, this is based on past experience. n i believe this thing still going on. in fact, if i read his inbox right now, i wont be able to look up his face. because its hurting my feeling, my pride. who am i exactly??

YES. IM NOT IN GOOD MOOD. SO PLS STAY AWAY FROM ME!! ...n if u want it (staying away) to be forever, then do it RIGHT NOW!!

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Sarina Zulkifli said...

U know sweet talker and over friendly people are ones we need to be careful with right? Dont over trust. Not until u both tied with proper relationship/status.

Take care tipah <3