Wednesday, March 28, 2012

alhamdulillah =)

Pesanan pada malam ini :
When someone give you something, for example on your birthday
someone gave you a present.a big lovely one.
What is the first thing will pop out from your mouth?
Is it "....(not a word) " or " ehh, terimekasih.ko mmg baik gilaaa.mmg.terimakasih!!"
Which one? Well, you know better.
Imagine this everyday, Allah give u presents.(with an 's' because banyak kot..)
For example :
Wake u up in the morning give a chance to live another day.
You have your breakfast,lunch, dinner and etc.
Your whole body part are still with you(kaki,tgn,mate sume elok lg)
What did you say for all those presents? kannnnnnnnnn?
Alhamdulillah wasn't that hard to pronounce. :D Starting now.

being busy at least make me slowly forgetting certain thing~ alhamdulillah? em..ya. alhamdulillah. whatever will be..will be~

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Anonymous said...

waaa~~ makin beringat ingat......
2 advantage kalo selalu tgok org sakitkan? hehe~~